How I spent my summer vacation…

In honor of tax free weekend I’m reposting  this.


I’ve not written anything for quite some time because honestly I’ve just been too tired. As previously mentioned in another post, we have had some unfortunate things happen here at the homestead this year.  We are happy to welcome some new additions to our family though, a beautiful 300 pound water heater and along with the arrival of our brand new roof (I’m told they look just like me.)  No matter the blessings these bundles of joy have brought to our family, they have definitely brought about changes, such as turning our “emergency fund”  into more of a “really petty cash” fund.  The end result has caused my wonderful wife to work outside the home to literally put a roof over our heads.

As much as I appreciate the sacrifice she has made, I have now become a “Mr Mom” in the afternoons and on Saturdays.  I don’t mind making dinner, or doing  the dishes or even making sure our teens get to where they need to be.  Today I have been made to suffer far beyond what any mere mortal should have to endure.  That’s right, I was forced to experience a fate worse than death, back to school shopping.  To make matters worse, this is “Tax-free” weekend or as its better known as the “Trail of  Tears”.  My two daughters and myself, along with every person in the state ventured to the mall.  When they were younger, this trek would involve some number #2 pencils, a new back pack, and  whatever currently popular TV character lunch box.   Now that our youngest is starting high school, my wife informed me that today’s jaunt would involve something every father dreads hearing, bra shopping. The love of my life was laughing ,she assured me with me and not at me, as she told me that my young daughter would need to be properly measured so that the trip would end with a positive result.  It took me exactly 43 seconds to locate and purchase my undergarments at the first store we entered.  My daughters spent 1 hour looking for their purchase.  After having no luck procuring the appropriate size garment, they asked for assistance in measuring my daughter.  They were informed that it was only the second day of the associate  that was helping them.  Apparently tape measure usage is an advanced skill.  I volunteered my daughter’s shoe size but there is evidently no correlation between those two garments. We left the store empty-handed and dejected.  The second store we visited,  advertised “specialists” in the area in which we were searching.  My daughters were quite embarrassed when I asked to see the professional’s degree but one can never be too careful when dealing with such delicate matters of loved ones.  I must confess that the salesperson was efficient and helpful while choosing the appropriate undergarment for my daughter. She informed me that the one that fit her best was the “Cadillac of bras”.  After looking at the price and experiencing sticker shock, I knew why.  We quickly parked this vehicle and found something in her size that was more of  a “Chevy Lumina”.  I did feel like a successful hunter as we left the store with our bagged quarry.

After this episode of back to school shopping, I’m  seriously considering home schooling.

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