A Broken String

I’m not real big on making social commentaries, I much prefer relating stories about the weird and funny things that happen in our family life. Today will be a little bit different because of something that was the main headline as I was checking our e-mail. A celebrity was featured making a statement about the breakup of their marriage. They said that they were parting ways as a couple because their relationship had changed. They went on to say that “change was inevitable”, everything is always evolving, and “evolution always wins.” All this change occurred in less than a year. I don’t want to be judgemental and I don’t know or even need to know all the circumstances surrounding this couple, but I’m having some difficulty processing this whole change thing as validation for breaking up a marriage. Change is not a bad thing.  It is inevitable but it’s more about how you deal with the changes as a couple that makes the difference.
This has been the summer of weddings for our family, first, my daughter followed by two nephews. As a word of advice, I want to say to each of them that don’t expect things to remain the same. Things will change and not always for the better. After our wedding, we took a romantic honeymoon to Jamaica. On the flight there, the majority of the plane was occupied by couples only. The ladies adjusted the air and the lights so that their diamonds glittered. We were greeted with  “Welcome to Jamaica!” When we arrived at the resort, the bed was sprinkled with flower petals, everything was perfect. Unfortunately, everything did not remain so idyllic. We traveled to Dunn River Falls on an excursion. The falls were amazing but Sherry got sick on plantain fries. We then had to wait in Ocho Rios for our bus to return for transport to our resort. While we were waiting, we were approached and even to the point of being badgered by every street vendor with in a 5 block area. Our only escape was to duck inside a Burger King (talk about romantic), while we waited on our bus. Upon arriving in our room, we discovered that the air conditioner had frozen up. I made a call to the front desk explaining our dilemma. Being in Jamaica, you probably have already guessed the response was “No problem, Mon.” We, on the other hand, found it less than romantic when the flower petals on our bed floated on a pool of sweat. Using good old American ingenuity, I grabbed our blow dryer and began defrosting the air conditioner. With sweat pouring off of us, we talked, planned, and laughed about our future. Things didn’t go any smoother on our trip home with overcrowded planes, crying babies, cancelled flights, and hoping our luggage made the new ones. It didn’t even stop once we arrived at home only to discover that our car had been in an accident. You know what? Even with all the stuff that happened, the thing I remember most is how my new wife dealt with the change from pure romance to everything going wrong by laughing and dealing with it together.  I don’t mean to say that we have a perfect marriage but we keep working at it. Next month, we’ll celebrate 33 years of marriage and there have been lots of changes but we have dealt with them together.

To all of you recently married, I say once again, expect change because it is inevitable. Keep Christ in the center of your marriages. He is the one constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If you both hold on to Him,  changes will not tear you apart.

Ecclesiastes 4:12
And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

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